Ecampus Oregon State during high school?

<p>Would it benefit me to participate in Oregon State University's Ecampus over the summer while still in high school?<br>
The Ecampus online learning basically. It's a college level class, but just online so that students don't have to live in Oregon or attend the actual university. I wanted to take a class at a community college over the summer, but the community colleges where I live don't have great academic records. Oregon State University has a better academic reputation, so I assume this will be in better standing when applying to college.<br>
Also, it's online but counts the same. I probably won't be able to drive many places over the summer. I haven't gotten my license yet, and I doubt I'll have it in the summer. Taking an online class would probably be easier because I wouldn't have to have transportation.<br>
I just wanted to know if it's 1) a good idea and 2) if anyone has had any experience with an online course at Oregon State or any other college. Thanks!</p>