Eckerd - business program and career options?

<p>Um, hi everyone. Rising senior here, looking into Eckerd as maybe a possibility. However, I had some questions/minor concerns about the place that I was hoping people could address.
1. I'm interested in business and science. Eckerd seems solid when it comes to science (especially biology), but I was wondering if someone could give insight into if their business programs are any good?
2. How is career placement? I've heard some not-great things about students' abilities to find jobs after they graduate, and considering I want to try and find a job straight out of college, that worries me a bit.
3. How is their financial and merit aid? Cost is a sizable concern for my family, and I was hoping I might qualify for some merit aid as well (2190 SAT, good grades, 5 APs by the end of high school). Does anyone know of specific merit programs they have there?
Thank you!</p>

<p>Hi rebca912. My 2 children both graduated from Eckerd College. My daughter with a degree in marine bio, and my son with a degree in International Business. Business majors make up the 2nd largest majors at Eckerd College. The Fiske College Guide states that Eckerd College has unusual strength in business. They also participate in national competitions with Student’s In Free Enterprise, (my son is stiil a member of this national group that networks and meets socially after graduation). One of the keys to job hunting is academic preparation. There is a new Center for Innovative Learning. If you look up Eckerd, click on the tab “Campus Life” there is a tab for the Center as well as one for Career Services. Starting as a Freshman, during Autumn term, (the 3 week summer session), career services meets with everyone to explain the services offered. They have at least 1 or 2 programs each week on job preparation, interviews, resume building, etc. They also communicate at least once per week using email, twitter, etc. They work with professors, Parent Council, alumni and corporations to offer internships and job placement. Every Eckerd student will be required to have at least 1 or more internships during their 4 years at Eckerd. There is also the Triton Trak. Employers list job and internship opportunities, students register with what areas they are looking for. I believe this is updated daily. Career services is offered for life as well after graduation. </p>

<p>You and your parents can run the Net Price Calculator. From the Eckerd website, click on the Admissions tab. On the left side are the tabs to calculate attendance. Eckerd offers both merit and financial aid. There is a list of available scholarships on that same page. You don’t list your GPA, but with your SAT score and a 3.7 GPA, you are eligible for $19,000 in merit alone. Also under the admissions tab is the “meet your counselor” section. I would suggest that you see who that person is and start a conversation with them, expressing your interest in Eckerd. Feel free to PM me for any questions. Best of luck with your search.</p>