EC's question

<p>Des UVA care about EC that are not the three most important? the online app asks to give a list and brief description of each..etc but limit response to half a page</p>

<p>when i filled it in, half a page covered literally three activities if i put a space between each activity. </p>

<p>I mean, i want to let the adcoms know a little about what i did for each activity and stuff, but half a page doesn't cover a lot if i go even into the slightest detail and use their format.</p>

<p>so my questions boil down to:
1. how much weight does UVa place EC's?
2. do i just ignore and not report everything else i did and just go into detail on the top few?</p>

<p>The way I understood the application....</p>

<p>List all ECs in order of importance to you.</p>

<p>At the bottom, you can if you wish, select a few activities and explain why they are important to you.</p>

<p>For some reason I can't edit my above post, anyways I agree the instructions about ECs are a little confusing.</p>

<p>The initial list of activities shouldn't have anything more than</p>


<p>They suggest limiting your list to half a page (probably 12-15) items probably because they feel there are only so many things that can truly be meaningful to you. They don't care if you were in the spanish club in ninth grade. </p>

<p>After you list they suggest you can write a few sentences about the most meaningful activities to you.</p>