ED 2 Hopefuls!!!! (And please chance me?)

<p>Hey, I am an international student from Beijing, and applied Bates in ED 2! It sounds that only no more than 10 days will ED 2 result be released!!!! So excited to hear!!!</p>

<p>Here are my stats? I had several email communications with current students and they thought I should have a good chance to get in...</p>

<p>High school: A very top Canadian school in Beijing, offering 2 high school diplomas upon graduation. 99%+ of graduates go to 4-year college every year.
GPA: Weighted 90%/ Unweighted 86%
Class rank: Top 5% (TOP 16 / 330 students)
Course load: Most challenging- all college-level courses... (yes, very tough... I had 12 finals in the last term!!)
Tests: I have submitted the SAT (2100.) but asked them to remove it from consideration. So no tests submitted.
General Ed. Requirements: Yes, I have to study Math, English, Social studies and Lab Science every term. As a result, I have 9 classes every day....
Graduation with HONOR </p>

A LOT--- MUN, Tennis, Volleyball, Journalist, School's Clubs, Organizing Photography exhibition, China ink
Web developer at Apple, Media Manager at a local company, A partner of a China Ink website, Internship in Marketing and Customer Service at an America-based Company (***** China, you know?)
Other Education
Ivy Scholars Program at Yale University with full scholarship
A lot of awards from international math competitions, High school mathematical contest in modeling, Business Contest (Canada), Dr. Pang's scholarship (the highest honor in the school, 2~3 students each year), Hertog Scholarship (which supports my study at Yale), School Model Student, etc.....
First Generation Student!!</p>

<p>Cross fingers for everyone!!</p>

<p>***** is Z* I* N* C* H*, whats wrong? why it does not appear</p>

<p>Oh, and forgot to say recommendations: they were great! my counselor wrote 3-page evaluations for me, and my math and english teacher wrote a lot of positive things for me. i also asked my supervisor of internship and arts teacher to submit the additional comments.</p>

<p>my essay was very touching--- talking about my family and my voluntary work. i will go to Thailand to do the voluntary work with my friends this summer--------------soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Ivey, you appear to have a strong application profile. Bates ED 2 letters are arriving. Have you heard?</p>

<p>In our house it's a deferral to the regular decision pool. Letter says the ED 2 candidates were very strong and Bates only could accept a small number.</p>


<p>I didn't hear anything from Bates regarding my ED II ! I've emailed them to ask. As an international student it may take more days- but they should let me know via email! Will wait...... btw, how is your d's profile?</p>

<p>D is 3.5, 1990 SAT, an asset to her high school, very involved in sports and music. Lots of great activities and interests. Loves learning. Loves Bates. Mid-year grades weren't available in time and AP english recommendation was missing (teacher error). Bates still hasn't provided an application ID number for tracking these things.</p>

<p>Have you received your letter from Bates?</p>