ED Acceptances

<p>Can’t believe it’s over. D received her phone call yesterday from Bryn Mawr College’s Director of Admissions telling her she was accepted. Nice personal touch! Our house was filled with joy last night! College Confidential has been a true source of wisdom and support.</p>

<p>Congrats to your daughter, you, and the rest of your family! Welcome, sister Class of 2011!</p>

<p>Oh, the personal touch... another reason why I do love Bryn Mawr so <em>g</em></p>

<p>Congrats to your daughter!!! Maybe I'll see her next fall... depending if I can get in... heh. >.></p>


do you think you could share with us your daughter profile? if you don't mind..</p>

<p>I wish that i'll be as happy as your daughter..
I hope i'll get in..........</p>

<p>applying to colleges are such paradox</p>