ED chances at Cornell

I’ll be applying early decision to Cornell CAS.
I’ve read that comparatively for females coe has higher acceptance rate than cas, is that true?
As an international, what is the acceptance rate for cornell cas?

if by coe you mean engineering, I suggest calling it either ‘engineering’ or CoE- there is also Cornell Outdoor Education, which is referred to as COE :wink:

Acceptance rate for international students is ~10%

As for Engineering: 800/3395 for women and 719/8940 for men, so it is true that a higher % of women get through than men. BUT - and this is a huge huge huge but: do not apply to engineering just b/c you think you will increase your odds of acceptance. A, the fact that it is a higher % of applicants gets in does not mean that the quality of the admitted students is less and B, more importantly engineering at Cornell is a tough tough course even if you love it… Even if you plan to transfer to CAS, you have to have the gpa for an internal transfer.

And what about the stats for cornell cas?
Basically what do they really look into international applicants while accepting them?
I’ve got good gpa, scores and EC’s but every award or medal I’ve won is just at the regional level

12.5% for M v 13.8% for F- again the difference just reflects the difference in # of applications.

As for what they are looking for, here it is from the horse’s mouth:


Most students don’t arrive with international level awards. Imo, the thing most student don’t really appreciate is just how many students there are with really strong applications, but the art of the Admissions Committee is sorting out who is most likely to thrive and add to the community. Ime, AdComms are surprisingly good at it :slight_smile:

Hii i am also aspiring to get into cornell and need some help can you help me with it