ED chances for class of 2016

<p>Going to be a senior, out of state, attends a single sex boarding school (a good one!) it doesn't rank or have percentiles, either.
GPA: 3.6 (upward trend, 3.75 unweighted junior year), high honor roll
SAT: 2050 (retaking in october) 720 CR, 740 W, 590 M (meep!)
SAT II: 730 US, 690 LIT, taking Spanish with listening in the fall
AP: US (5) LIT (5) LANG (5) SPANISH (4), Lit and Lang were taken cold without taking AP English Class (school does not offer)</p>

<p>Junior year courses:
AP Spanish, APUSH, Calculus, Bio 11, English 11 (again no AP offered), Independent in Italian Photography, Global Ethics</p>

<p>Senior year classes:
AP Environmental, AP Stats, AP Euro, AP Spanish lit, English 12, Independent in Italian (taking 4 APs in one year at this school is a unique feat, its considered an extremely large workload)</p>

<p>I've taken math to Calculus and beyond, I've also taken 4 years of Spanish which cumulates in the highest possible class offered, I've also taken physics (honors), chemistry, and biology</p>

Newspaper (editor)
MUN (3 years, senior club head) harvard model UN conference, leiden model UN conference as well (international; Netherlands)
There is also an OAS member state MUN counterpart that I've been a part of for 3 years. I have traveled to international diplomacy conferences in south and latin america; I'm one of the only delegates experienced enough to debate in Spanish
Theater (three years) lead in a show my sophomore year
Tour guides
V. Field Hockey (2 years, made varsity having never played before, starting goalie next season).
V. swim team (2 years)
JV tennis (2 years)
Consistent fulltime summer job, lifeguard and a swim teacher to preschoolers tehe.</p>

Peer tutor
Literacy Across America volunteer
Classroom aid for the local elementary school and a bilingual magnet school</p>

<p>Recs: One should be absolutely awesome and the other should be good, as well
Essay: I've been told its great but I'm still polishing it up
Interview: The guy who interviewed me was awesome! He was very very kind and I think we hit it off smashingly.</p>

<p>I'm nuts for W&M, the school was incredible!! W&M Admissions-- what do you think?? :) How about for ED vs Regular decision?</p>

<p>If W&M is your first choice and your family is okay foregoing the opportunity to compare financial aid and scholarship packages among schools, we'd definitely recommend applying ED. The ED applicant pool is ~1100 students whereas the regular decision pool is nearly 12,000 students. It's easier for any student to stand out in a smaller pool so we'd definitely recommend ED if you're ready to make that commitment. You can read more about applying ED in our latest Admit It! Blog (W&M</a> Blogs To Apply Early Decision, To Not Apply Early Decision? That is the Question.).</p>

<p>We would definitely recommend you take the SAT again and focus on the math section. Your critical reading and writing scores are strong and because we superscore (take your best of each section and combine them) focusing on your weakest point can likely lead to the biggest improvement.</p>

<p>Looks like the classes you've taken are strong. Without knowing the school you attend or more about the grading scale it's hard to assess your GPA. We look for students to have As and Bs (and hopefully more As than Bs).</p>

<p>Your ECs also demonstrate commitment and leadership. Be sure to highlight your leadership (is senior club head the same as president/secretary general for MUN, is editor a section editor or editor-in-chief, your lead role) and continue to pursue any additional leadership opportunities. You may also want to consider making a theatre submission (William</a> & Mary - Arts Submissions).</p>

<p>Assuming your recommendation, essay and interview are strong then those will help you.</p>

<p>For more info on our process and any applicant's chances, check out our Admit It! Blog (W&M</a> Blogs Chance Me)</p>