ED II 2024

HI everyone! I noticed that there aren’t any threads for the 2024 ED2 applicants. My counselor just finished sending in all my materials and I’m just dying for February to come already.

wait unrelated but omg hi i think ik u from the oxford discord LOL! didn’t apply ed2 but i did ee to wellesley!

I’ve been dying for decision day to come. From my research, the day should be from Feb. 7 to Feb. 15. I’ve got my calendar READY!

Best of luck to all applicants. Trust that you will end up where you’re supposed to be, however it works out. ?

same here. i’ve been stalking past EDII threads trying to see when they generally come out…it’s not too bad right now but come feb 7th i’m going to be so on edge!

The Admission Decision Release Day is OUT!!! They will release it on Feb. 6 at 8:00 pm EST!!! Good Luck Everyone~!

guys good luck its TONIGHT!!1

hi, did anyone see any changes on their portal?

@Angelxrw what type of changes :confused: im so nervous

hi, anythingbutzen! I am nervous TOO. any changes at all? like besides the checklist and the dates of ED2 release date?I am asking because in previous years as well as in ED1 this year, deferred applicant see the RD realize date added to their portal. I have not seen any changes on mine yet

typosLOL sorry i am typing on my bed at my time zone