ED or RD for reach/financial aid?

<p>Hey, I applied RD to Kenyon but now I'm considering switching it to ED. However, Kenyon is a reach school for me and financial aid is fairly important. What should I do?</p>

<p>If Kenyon is your top pick and a reach school, seriously consider applying early decision. Kenyon weights interests seriously and an ED commitment is the strongest interest you can show. </p>

<p>Additionally, Kenyon is as generous as possible with financial aid. That being said, if admitted and the financial aid is not enough to make attending Kenyon possible, not being able to afford the school is the only reason you can withdraw from an ED agreement.</p>

<p>How is their Anthropology?</p>

<p>Fabulous. I was not an anth major, but I took anth classes and know several of the professors well. The professors are terrific teachers and fabulous people (and great cooks!!). Like most of the departments at Kenyon, the professors are likely to become your friends and mentors in addition to being your professors. </p>

<p>The anth department is just fun. Suggs takes his favorite students fishing. Every year the end of the year departmental picnic involves Suggs and Hardy roasting a lamb on a spit. They invite you into their lives and it is just so much fun and delicious. They will most likely cook for you (or better yet, teach you to cook.)</p>

<p>And, of course, they are totally brilliant and have had incredible in the field experiences. Best of all, they continue to have incredible research experiences with their students. For years and years Urban and Schortman have run a semester long off campus study project doing a real archaeological dig in Honduras with their students (I believe about 15 go a year, they go every other year I think.)</p>

<p>It's the classic Kenyon answer, I know, but that's how it is. Your professors (in any department, not just anthropology,) will most likely be totally brilliant, very cool people, and a part of your lives for years and years to come. True story: about 10 Kenyon professors came to my wedding.</p>