hi! I applied to Colgate early decision because there’s genuinely no other school I would rather be at. My grades weren’t the best in high school, and I’m really nervous because I want to go to Colgate so bad. If any accepted students who didn’t think they would get in would give me suggestions/ their stats/ what they did to get in please help a girl out.

My daughter applied ED, too. The waiting is pretty stressful!

I’m in the same boat!

Does anyone know when descisions come out? Mid Decemeber is so vague!

Letters are mailed on Friday the 13th - Colgate Day

If the letters are mailed on Friday the 13th - Colgate Day, are decisions also available online on the 13th?

I’m fairly certain that decisions will be posted online. Historically Colgate has posted decisions at 1:13pm.

Heard 7:13 p.m. on Friday the 13th!

Colgate just confirmed a 7:13 pm E.S.T. release on 12/13 - Colgate Day!

My daughter is an excited and proud member of the class of 2024!!!

My son will be going too. In case it’s helpful for next year’s applicants here are his basics:
ACT: 35 (36 Reading, 35 Math, 34 Science, 35 STEM, 34 English)
GPA: 4.1
Current AP’s: Calc AB, Physics,
Prior AP’s: Euro (4), Spanish (4)
Honors: Chem, Spanish
Summers: Took a college history course at William and Mary, Engineering camp at Tufts
4-Yr HS Varsity and Club Volleyball (but there’s no Men’s VB at Colgate)
Did a fair amount of volunteer work, but not a ton.
Visited and interviewed.
From CA
National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar

Congratulations. Go gate!