ED1 2025 Wellesley College

Just a thread for people that applied ED1 to Wellesley!


Hi! Any idea what day decisions come out?

I think on the website they said mid-december? but I don’t think they have specified the date yet

I’m really freaking out about the results… I think W has always been among the first colleges to release decisions…

Hi! I’ve been waiting for someone to make this thread. Too shy to make one myself. Feels surreal that it’s already Dec 3 and results come out so soon. November felt so short.

Me too! I waited for someone to make one, but since it became December, I thought I might as well make one!

Sort of wanted to ask if any international applicant who applied for financial aid has received a notice that requires submission of the CSS profile?


@PlzAdmitMe2025 I’m not an international student so I can’t answer that. I know W released ED1 results pretty early on Dec 7 the last 3 years and specified the date a week before. It’s already Dec 4 with no news, maybe the application readings are taking longer because of the pandemic.

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What are you guys doing to let go of some of the anxiety? I’ve been finding myself refreshing my email and the admissions portal, which I know is not great. So, I would appreciate any coping mechanisms😊

Also, do you guys think less people applied ED this year because of the uncertainty that covid-19 has created?

I didn’t! Nether my friend

@shinyjun Forget about your application? lol Not a helpful suggestion I know, but it worked for me over November. Focus on school or holiday prep? I’m hoping that will distract me. I’m doing the same page refreshing you are.

Possibly. More ppl might be dependent on RD financial aid offers this year, decided to wait in case SAT/ACT test centers opened, or weren’t ready to commit to a school they never got to visit in the spring. Maybe more ED applicants this year because they just want to be over with the process and there’s already enough stress in 2020.


Did you gals request an alumnae interview? A couple days ago, a pinned comment on my applicant portal showed up acknowledging I had an interview.

I never requested for one. I didn’t think that Wellesley placed too much emphasis on interviews, so I decided against having one.

@shinyjun I haven’t been that great with refreshing either, but I have been playing games with friends and been busy working on my internal assessments for school. Regarding the number of people applying, I think it could easily go both ways. I know that in some of the top 20 schools, ED applications have gone up tremendously, but like others have said, there is uncertainty with finances and Wellesley being lesser-known for sure.

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I agree, the interview isn’t very important compared to the piles of information application readers are given. I didn’t have a reason not to request one and I appreciate the interview practice in a no-stress situation.

Hi, I applied ED1 as well! I requested an interview, so when I saw my portal change with that pinned comment after checking it for the umpteenth time I kind of freaked out.

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Hi there! I requested for an interview, but I’m an international applicant from China and they informed me that they couldn’t offer me an interview because of few alums who are in my timezone… It was a bit of a disappointment but hopefully it doesn’t affect my app too much

I’m sad for you. That is disappointing. At least the admissions staff will know you requested one.

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Omg same!! I’m also an international applicant from China! I submitted an InitialView interview instead. Which city are you from?

Hi!! Im from Wuhan! You?

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