ED1 Bates

<p>My daughter has looked at 14 schools and loves the community feeling at Bates. She plans to apply ED1, but finds the bates supplement question a bit daunting. anyone else in the same boat?</p>

<p>Daunting? How so? Is it the Why Bates question?</p>

<p>My son is a freshman there but I don't recall him struggling over it. </p>

<p>Btw, he absolutely loves Bates and is extremely happy there.</p>

<p>Glad to hear your son loves it. They changed it from Why Bates to putting up their very long mission statement and asking you to respond to a phrase in it saying why Bates is a school for the coming times....Why bates would have been nice!</p>

<p>Oh, ok. Maybe ask her to think of it in terms of what a Bates education can offer her in a rapidly changing world.</p>

<p>Thanks, that's just what she did. Do you know when you hear about ED and if it's a big envelope if admitted?</p>

<p>My son applied RD so I have no idea when ED acceptances go out. You might want to look through some old threads to get an idea. </p>

<p>Big, thick envelope. </p>

<p>Good luck to your D!</p>

<p>If you need any other info please feel free to PM me.</p>

<p>It's the big envelope-but I think you can get an email first...</p>

<p>D applied ED1 when she was looking. Currently a junior at Bates. She found out on Dec. 19th or there abouts. The year she was accepted is was not a big evelope and she did not recieve an email prior. Last year I believe some one on the thread said that their child received a large envelope so it may have changed. </p>

<p>By the way D loves the school.</p>

<p>oh boy, I hope it is a big envelope, our hearts will break at the sight of a small one. Is it true about the email, i thought Bates would stick to the tradition of mail like so many small liberal arts schools.</p>

<p>Rochester Mom are you new york or Minnesota?</p>

<p>New York</p>

<p>D's was a registered "letter" -- small envelope size. She actually came home between school and practice and found it. I was at work. She left. Went to practice knowing that she was accepted. We didn't find out until she got home because I won't read their mail. I was a nervous wreck because it was a small envelope.</p>

<p>oh my, I would have done the same thing, wonder why they sent it registered?</p>

<p>We didn't have to sign so maybe it was fedex? Not 100% sure it was a while ago and we were just thrilled that she got in!</p>

<p>As I said earlier, My D2 looked at many schools , it kind of came down to Bates and Hamilton. She also like Kenyon, Ct. College, Franklin and Marshall, Middlebury and Bowdoin. Several had nicer campuses and facilities then Bates. She simply loved the student body and feelings of warmth emanating from the campus. At this point she is pre-med (she is an EMT) and also interested in stage craft. She is leaning heavily towards ED1. I am a little concerned because we may need financial aide. I am curious about what swayed you (or your children) to bates.</p>

<p>Mindy, my son didn't get an email. My impression was that only international kids got an email.</p>

<p>My son just liked the whole Bates vibe. He also looked at Bowdoin and Hamilton and crossed both off his list. Too preppy for him. </p>

<p>His GC suggested he look at Kenyon (my niece went there and LOVED IT) - but he wanted to stay in the NE. </p>

<p>Mindy, there are a lot of pre-med students - science is very strong at Bates as is theatre. </p>

<p>As far as FA is concerned, Bates is very, very generous. </p>

<p>I can't begin to even tell you how much he loves it there - the kids are great, his classes are great, his professors are great, he is on the sailing team (his passion,) mock trial and is his dorm's freshman rep. on student council. He wanted to go to a school where he could be involved right away in the activities he wanted and he knew he could do that at Bates. </p>

<p>And the food is out of this world. :)</p>

<p>Huh. D doesn't like the food. However.... She really likes the school. I think part of it was the feeling she got at the interview and the tour. She was also going to do a sport and liked the coach. Unfortunately she was injured her senior year and never really recovered enough to play at the college level.</p>

<p>D is a bio and math major. Classes are difficult for her but she really enjoys them.</p>

<p>She has a lot of friends and really feels at home there.</p>

<p>Don't know what to tell you about FA. We didn't go down that road.</p>

<p>D looked at University of Rochester (H works there and tuition would have been free but too large really for what she was comfortable with), University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, Ithaca College, SUNY Albany, Hartwick, Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby. Notice the variety :) Mostly because we were trying to figure out what she wanted. She loved Colby but liked Bates better. For some reason she hated Bowdoin.</p>

<p>Your D doesn't like the food? Gosh, I've never heard anyone say that about Bates dining. </p>

<p>We had no idea where our son was going to get in. He had very good GPA but his class rank was 28/63 and he had no AP classes but a 32 ACT. Had no idea how colleges would evaluate him. He also applied to UNH, Ithaca, Hartwick, along with Allegheny, St. Lawrence, HWS and Juniata. In at all schools but once he heard from Bates that was it. </p>

<p>We never made it to Colby.</p>

<p>Thanks all for the supportive replies. I have to say we have loved the food when we visited. Any thoughts about Lewiston and Auburn? Univ of Vermont and Tulane are on her EA lists , mainly for $. But her heart is at Bates. I really hope they come through with the$ as they are not need blind.</p>

<p>Not much to say about the area. D doesn't go off campus much even though she has a car other than to Shaw's (grocery store) and Walmart. She's not in to going to bars. She's not 21 yet anyway -- soon. She manages to keep herself very busy on Campus. They do go to a few restaurants in the area. </p>

<p>I know that we have eaten on campus and liked it during Parent's weekend but she said it's either a day when they have a lot of things that she likes or a day when there is nothing that she likes. She is picky about food in general. I cook everything from scratch so she is a bit spoiled with spices and I don't really use salt in my cooking.</p>

<p>Lewiston is pretty much a dump but that doesn't seem to bother the kids much. There is a lot to do on campus (concerts, dances, parties in the campus houses) and the good thing is that they don't need much spending money. :)</p>