ED1 decisions

Hi all. I applied ED into college of arts and sciences and was wondering if anyone knew the exact date that the decisions would be released? Also, here are some stats for me: 4.0 unweighted, 4.97 weighted, varsity sport captain, president of 2 clubs and involved in many opthers, taken 6 AP courses, legacy, NHS. What are my odds? I go to a very competitive public school, and keep in mind 8 others from my class of nearly 600 also applied ED (all in NHS as well with similar stats). I know that they won’t take all of us, I’m so nervous!

Thursday. What is your major? Good luck!

Undecided! Please let me know what you think my odds are

Not something I am qualified to do but last year, they took one out of three undecided majors for the class of 2022. If you look my thread, I posted a profile of that class to see the exact numbers.