ED1 Results?

<p>Is there any information out about Davidson's ED1 statistics? Someone on another thread said 190 acceptances. Any validity to this statement?</p>

<p>Also, was anyone on CC accepted to Davidson ED1? If you were, could you post your stats if you feel comfortable?</p>

<p>I was accepted</p>

<p>SAT 1:
800 CR, 770 M, 790 W</p>

<p>SAT 2:</p>

<p>790 M II, 780 USH</p>


<p>Comp Sci: 5
USH: 5</p>

<p>GPA: 3.75 (My school is very, VERY difficult, though)</p>

<p>Swimmer all 4 years, Most Valuable for my Junior Year</p>

<p>Attended July Experience, Honors on both of my classes</p>

<p>Tell me if I’m forgetting something :)</p>

<p>Congrats, junhugie! You seem like the kind of student for Davidson (at least from what the admission officers have told me)! I don’t think you forgot anything major. Did you show any other demonstrated interest besides July Experience? Also, how do you think your essays were?</p>

<p>Other demonstrated interest? I don’t think so.</p>

<p>I thought my essays were great, and my ad rep thought so too :).</p>

<p>But I don’t know if I can go because I got an outrageous EFC from the office of fin aid. ADSFASKJDFAKSJDFK :(</p>

<p>I’m sorry. I hope it all works out for you!</p>

<p>Accepted! :)</p>

<p>congrats, junhugie! </p>

<p>I’ll just post some basic stats though just for personal reasons. </p>

<p>SAT: </p>

<p>680 CR, 660 M, 670 W</p>


<p>GPA: 4.17 weighted</p>

<p>Other: heavily involved in ECs withleadership in 4 activities, i have worked multiple jobs since freshman year (avg of 20 hours a week) strong community service. </p>

<p>I’ve visited twice, one of the times overnight and had contact with a representative at a collegefair.</p>

<p>I believe my essays were really good as well as my teacher recs.</p>