ED2 applicants

-If you are applying ED2, what are your credentials?

  • Does anybody know someone who got in in the ED and what were their credentials?

I got in! International male student, great financial need, meh essay, good supplement, 32 ACT (33 superscore), 4.00 GPA, 2 internships and a lot of personal projects as ECs and hobbies. I think I got in because of my supplements and because I kept in touch with my admissions officer.

@blackmirror by great financial need, how much are you talking about? A full ride, or close to it?
Where are you from, and was your admissions officer Lukman Arsalan? What kinda stuff did you do to keep in touch?
Another international applicant with similar stats and financial aid requirements here, and Trinity is my #1 choice but he advised me not to apply ED2…hence my questions.

@slaythedogma Well Trinity costs $70k per year and we’d only be able to pay $5k so I’d say that’s close to a full ride. I’m going to get my financial aid award tomorrow, I’ll let you know.

Yes my admissions officer was Lukman Arsalan. When I was writing my supplement for Trinity I emailed the director of the interdisciplinary science program, Alison Draper, to ask her about the kind of research projects ISP students work on. She told me about two of the professors who conduct research, and I told her a bit about my research interests and personal projects. In my supplement I only wrote I’d like to do research under Alison Draper.

Later on, once I submitted my application, I got my math A grade back which increased my GPA to a 4.00. This is when I emailed Lukman Arsalan to let him know about my GPA increase, along with the discussion I had with Alison Draper. I also asked about A Level credit. He replied back: "Thank you very much for your detailed update. It is really helpful to understand the various updates and changes in your academics, as well as in your interests.

I am delighted to learn that you have been in touch with Dr. Alison Draper – she is certainly one of the biggest champions of international students on campus."

So yeah that’s pretty much it. I just let it flow naturally. Initially I just emailed Alison Draper to get some examples of research projects conducted so I could mention them in my supplement, but I ultimately decided against that. From there we exchanged a few more emails, and that was enough discussion for me to be able to refer to when I emailed Lukman Arsalan.

Hope that helps. Did Lukman Arsalan advise you not to apply ED2?

@slaythedogma I think it depends on where you are from. For countries like China or Korea in which many students are applying to Trinity, it’s very easy to find someone who has the same credentials just like you without seeking FA.

I am also an international student (studying in US high schools), and I also applied FA. My family could afford around 40K per year. My counselor contacted Lukman Arsalan before I submitted my ED2 application to Trinity. He said the higher the needs, the harder to get in. And for those who has low or medium needs, they should apply for RD.

Hope that helps.

@blackmirror thank you so much for this detailed response! He straight up asked me to apply RD and from what he told my school’s counsellor he really wanted me to go to Trinity…which I hope isn’t something she’s making up.
I’m applying for the Human Rights studies program and I’ve been in touch with Lukman, who I met and interviewed with on his visit to my school. Apart from that, I interviewed with another student from Trinity officially as well as corresponded with another student from the program…did the best I can to demonstrate interest but I don’t want to pester him unnecessarily. My FA is similar to yours…so it really does scare me and I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing the nature of the package you get, once you get it. Thanks a ton again, and I’d love to know where you’re from!

@jonathanaf I’m from India where a lot of people apply to Trinity but my stats are pretty alright. It was against his wishes that I didn’t apply ED 1 or 2. Otherwise, I’m almost a 100% sure I’m going to Trinity if I get in. Just gonna have to wait and see what happens now!

@slaythedogma Hi neighbor, I’m from Pakistan! And that’s interesting. I have a very high need, and I got in ED2, so I hope my aid package is good. One thing to keep in mind is that Trinity encourages those with a financial need to apply early (as stated on their financial aid page) since funds run out quickly. But I think you’re fine since Lukman advised you not to do so. Also, if you’ve interviewed with him and expressed your wish to apply ED, I’d say that’s enough demonstrated interest. I wish you the best of luck!

@jonathanaf Any idea if/when international students receive our acceptance packet in the mail?

@blackmirror I am currently studying in US high school so I think i will receive mine either today or tomorrow.

@slaythedogma @jonathanaf Okay so I just got my financial aid award email, and it’s exactly what I wanted! Out of $71k (total cost of attendance for one year), Trinity has given me a Trinity Grant of $63k! No loans. The rest will be paid by my family contribution and student employment. That is pretty much a full ride!

That’s CRAZY @blackmirror . Oh wow. I sure do hope to see you there in the fall with a similar package, haha. Honestly, that’s a brilliant package.

It indeed is! I was shocked when I saw the entire package is made up of Trinity grants. I hope you get a similar package!!!

It indeed is! I was shocked when I saw the entire package is made up of Trinity grants. I hope you get a similar package!!!