Editing Housing

<p>I know the deadline to edit your housing application was June 1st. Im having second thoughts about my dorm choice, any way I can switch still despite this?</p>

<li>Santa Lucia</li>
<li>Sierra Madre</li>

<p>I want to put sierra madre as #1.</p>

<p>Call! What's wrong with Sierra Madre? I lived there my first year and enjoyed the it for the most part. Not sure if they are still grouping freshmen into triples in the red bricks, but I think you're guaranteed a doubles room with Sierra Madre.</p>

<p>Yeah nothing is wrong with sierra madre. I want to make it my first choice.</p>

<p>If you meant what is wrong with Santa Lucia im just not sure if i want to live in the mostly engineering dorm, i want to be mixed in with other majors and other types of people.</p>

<p>*sorry double post</p>

<p>Ah, I misread your message. Whether you succeed in switching or not, I'm sure you'll have fun. You'll be surprised by the diversity of folks even within your own major.</p>

<p>Thanks. Yeah I ill try calling.</p>