Education Quality?

I’m an international student and has been accepted to Auburn University and Rose-Hulman. Rose is literally my first choice, but dad is adamant because of the whole 'undergrads onlyl thing. Should I be worried for Rose’s education quality and reputation?

RHIT has a great reputation among engineers.

We are actually from Alabama and son is also deciding between Auburn, Rose-Hulman, and Georgia Tech. He has been admitted to all 3. Rose-Hulman has an excellent reputation among those who have heard of it. However, it is not well know outside the Midwest. Auburn is a good engineering school and also has an excellent reputation in this part of the country. Auburn is much larger than Rose, but both are considered warm, friendly campuses. Auburn has a strong football and sporting tradition, as well as the best campus wreck center in the nation. it also has better dorms overall, and a wider choice of options. Rose will certainly give you a lot of individual attention and small classes. Auburn is by far more affordable, unless you get strong aid from Rose. Auburn has a lot more females, it also has very nice, new, and fancy engineering buildings. Both will give you a very good engineering education. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Georgia Tech is in a league of its own, so my son is really leaning towards them.

Just a quick clarification you can share with your father. Rose-Hulman is not “undergrads only”. Our graduate degrees in engineering have been offered since 1892.

As for recognition, last year, over 700 companies recruited our 439 graduating seniors. 71 of those seniors chose to go immediately to graduate schools. Over 60 graduate schools visited our campus to recruit those 71 students. Rose-Hulman was invited to join and help initiate E.N.G.I.N.E.: Engineering National Graduate Institution Name Exchange ( Is every engineer in existence going to know about Rose-Hulman? No, not yet. But I can tell you that those 700+ companies and 60+ graduate schools are not all secluded in the Midwestern United States. They are from all over the country. You will not lack for access to great opportunities if this is where you choose to attend.

Jared Goulding
Associate Director for Graduate and International Admissions
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose is a very interesting and unique school. I don’t think there is a true comparison in the country. It is not Harvey Mudd, although it is often compared to it. It is definitely not Purdue or Georgia Tech (and should never try to be). The closest I can come in comparison is the U.S. Military or Naval Academy. It is a school for committed engineers-to-be at a place that takes exceptionally good care of its students that soars below the radar in a place that is not on the radar.

I wouldn’t worry about Rose’s reputation compared to Auburn for engineering. Even outside of the midwest. Although Rose’s name isn’t as big as a Purdue, Illinois, or Georgia Tech, companies all over the United States hire Rose grads. Can’t speak for international hiring though, if that is a concern for you. I graduated in EE in '13 and had no problem finding job opportunities outside of the midwest.