<p>ok so i applied ED1 to Pomona and was deferred</p>

<p>A couple weeks ago they called my house and said that they were missing my mid-year grades (which were already received by all my other schools) i freaked out and my college counselor told me she faxed it over to them (i don't know if this is relevant or not but it may be)</p>

<p>so my school called my house today and said they needed me to read and sign something that was faxed to them from pomona regarding my application... what does this mean???? did anyone else get this??? i tried to call school but it was too late- she had left</p>

<p>since my application was processed ED1 i had everything sent in.... was there something else i was supposed to do because i was deferred?</p>

<p>Whatever it is, don't worry about it. This mean Pomona is actively scrutinizing your application. That's a good thing. Although the admissions offices are overwhelmed with applications, they do a pretty good job at reviewing each one thoroughly.</p>

<p>Pomona seems to act very odd with faxes because my counselor faxed my second trimester grades to them yesterday and I called today and the woman at the front desk told me they were reviewing the deferred applicants (hooray!), but they needed a hard-copy of my transcript now.</p>

<p>I ended up going to Fed-Ex and sending it overnight for $25....</p>

<p>Pomona had some issues with paperwork. My d's counselor ended up sending some material 3 times. Oddly, I was reassured that others here on CC were having problems. At least it wasn't just us!</p>

<p>The upside is that my d's counselor started emailing Pomona's admissions office to sort this all out, and said some nice things about my d. Maybe it will help.</p>

<p>ilk07, do you happen to go to Ridgefield HS (in CT)? thats my high school, and the EXACT same thing happened to me between yesterday and today, like down to the phone call home yesterday and everything. she faxed out the supplement form today about disciplinary record or whatever was needed</p>

<p>LOL, same here.</p>

<p>My counselor TOTALLY sent in everything way early and Pomona lost my transcripts and whatnot. D: She actually ended up CALLING the Admissions Office to tell them "Yo man, I sent in the Mid-Year in Feb!" </p>

<p>Apparently she called in the nick of time... Pomona was reviewing me ON THAT DAY. e_______e;;</p>