Effect of AP Calc AB on College Admissions


When applying for junior-year courses, I selected AP Calc BC because I’m going into EECS. However, my school denied me and put me in AP Calc AB instead. Since I’m planning on applying to selective schools like Stanford and Berkeley, how much of a disadvantage am I getting? I am still taking the BC test, but on my transcript it’ll say that I’m enrolled in AB.

Zero impact.

Your GC can mention that you were shut out of BC

Have you talked with your guidance counselor? Some schools require AB before BC. You can take BC next year.

What are you taking Senior year?

A year of Calc is typically sufficient/above average, though at Stanford/Berkeley-type schools AB may be below many/most applicants. But BC Senior year would certainly put you on par or better at any school.

Why were you denied BC?