Eggplant Recipes

Admit I’m not a huge eggplant fan. Yes, I like eggplant parm. Don’t mind it, but I just wouldn’t choose it often.

My DIL is growing eggplant - though she isn’t a big cook and isn’t sure what to do with it! She gave me 2 - and I’m having them for dinner tomorrow night - so looking for a not too time intensive, flavorful something to do with eggplant! Looking for a side dish or salad - not a main dish.

Prefer not to batter fry.
Not a baba ghanoush fan.

Any suggestions?

These are great!

Looks good! I’m surprised they don’t salt and let them sweat first. I might do that to avoid soggy. Then add the olive oil and bake.

I made it twice, and both times the guests raved about this:


That sounds like a good idea. I do the salt thing with my crock pot eggplant parm (which is easy and delicious)!

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Nice!! I’m minus a few ingredients so might have to put this one on the back burner. :slight_smile:

I’ve made this and it’s quite good:


I’m drooling to try some of these! (Only tried the caponata so far).

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We just roast cubes of eggplant with other veggies (red bell peppers, onions, zukes, ). Hot oven. Add tender veg like mushrooms at the end. Throw on a little balsamic and olive oil and salt before serving.


I love eggplant - lightly fried in EVOO with smashed garlic. Simple and yummy. Definitely need to salt, rinse, and dry first though.

I should mention that my regular oven is waiting on a part so my options are toaster oven, stove top or grill if it needs cooking !

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@abasket what kind of eggplant is it? Big globe like or long Asian?

This is very good.

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Have not tried this. Yet! :slight_smile: it is on the list.

If you don’t have an oven… veggies can be roasted on the grill using indirect heat.


Big globe! :slight_smile:

This really sounds good. Now I can’t decide which to try! :slight_smile: I don’t have goat cheese but could sub in and I have everything else. I can manage to roast the eggplant in the toaster oven - it’s a decent size (and the stove part is arriving today or tomorrow - woo hoo!)

Easiest eggplant Parmesan recipe ever. No breading (might not work without an oven, but still worth holding onto.



I second any and all caponata recipes - easily my favorite way to eat eggplant.

I used to make this (or similar) a lot, not sure why it fell out of rotation, as it is very good!: Imam Bayildi (A Stuffed Eggplant Recipe from Asia Minor) Recipe -