Either I should cut back on the drugs...

<p>Or I should stop playing Fable...lol I've been so obsessed with medieval war/battles, etc.</p>

<p>I mean as I came on CC, I just looked at the colleges...and now MIT sounds like a shield (The Shield of MIT). Stanford sounds like the name of a lance (The Stanford Lance). Princeton sounds like a sword. Duke sounds like armor (The Duke Armor). Brown sounds like a helm. Dartmouth reminds me of bows and arrows.
Harvard sounds like an axe..</p>

<p>Wow...just thought I'd share my weird thoughts......</p>

<p>I recommend cutting back on the drugs. Video games are fun. Drugs are too, but they get expensive.</p>

<p>lol useless thread</p>

<p>Man, what are you on? Hallucinogens maybe?
Funny story though.</p>

<p>I said "Yale" to myself so many times yesterday that it stopped sounding like a real name.</p>

<p>^^^ Every thread on HSL is useless; that's what makes it fun.</p>

<p>only on CC...</p>

<p>I don't ever recommend cutting back on drugs..but maybe just stick to weed.</p>

<p>Hahahaha you guys are hellllllla funny. But it sorta makes sense, doesn't it?</p>

lol useless thread


Coming from English and 3 tennis thread girl, and oh the getting hit on thread, which I can't imagine why anyone would do it anyway...k truffliepuff, calm down. :D Video Game Threads > Your threads.</p>

<p>AOM was addicted to WOW before HSL</p>