Elementary education major?

Anyone have knowledge about UAH’s education major? My daughter is interested in majoring in elementary education and really likes the school. With the program being so new, it’s hard to find information on it.


We met with the Dean of Education when we attended Discovery Day in November.
From what they had to say, their education program appears to be on the cutting edge and top notch.

That’s very good to hear! Thank you!

My daughter is a Freshman Elem Ed major. Not sure what info you are looking for.
The program is K-6
The state of Alabama has what they refer to as a 4 by 4. You need 12 credits in 4 areas of Gen Ed requirements.

So -4 Maths (2 are Ed specific)
-4 Humanities (includes English,Fine Art & Public Speaking)

  • 4 Social Studies (Hystory and 2 Psychology) -
  • Science ( this is 3 classes with lab to equal12 hours must include Bio).
    After she earns those credits the Ed program is laid out specifically for them, when and which classes to take together for the last 2 years.