Elon Class of 2025 Admissions

Feel free to use this thread to discuss applications/admissions for Fall. My daughter applied EA.

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My daughter applied ED. Anxiously awaiting 12/1!

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@mamabest That’s so exciting! Only 10 more days! Did you get a chance to visit Elon? We went in the fall and it was absolutely beautiful!

First timer. Son applied ED. It looks like last year they were notified before Thanksgiving - some by phone some through portal. Any word this year?

@1stof3 That’s really quick - I can’t help on dates or how the kids are notified, but good luck to you son!

@1stof3 my daughter is also ED and I have heard in the past the decisions came out before Thanksgiving. Good luck to your son!

And to both of you:-)

Pooping in to say my daughter is a freshman at Elon and absolutely loves it, despite the pandemic. She applied EA last year and was notified on Dec 19th through her portal. Good luck to everyone and let me know if you have any questions about Elon.


Hi @MAmom111 , I have a question. I know you said your daughter is a freshman, but I’d love any insight she has into how easy/hard it is to get classes you want/need.

@3kids2dogs First semester freshman year your counselor creates your schedule. The kids pick a list of about 12 classes and their counselor picks 4 of them and creates their schedule. Kids have no say on the class times. My D ended up with an 8am class which was not a good time for her. They just had registration for J term and spring semester last week. Freshman register last. All of my D’s top choices and her second choices were all full by the time she registered. She managed to put together a schedule of other classes that she seems okay with. There are quite a few requirements that have to be fulfilled so she is using next semester to do some of those. I think this spring is particularly bad because no one is going abroad so a lot more kids will be on campus and trying to get in the same classes. They do have a good waitlist system though so I hear that classes often open up once the semester starts. Also, I hear that if its a requirement for your major, oftentimes the professor will open up another slot.

Has anyone heard anything about ED decisions? Last year and the year before they came out before Thanksgiving. Anxious here.

Not a word… thought the same thing…

Hi! I applied EA as well. On the portal is says we will get a decision on December 20th, but does anyone know what time? I’m assuming evening.

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Apparently some ED kids have gotten calls this evening. I don’t have details…

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That’s exciting! Good luck to everyone who applied ED!

Do you think ED will come out today?

So my son just checked the portal and saw this message: “ According to our records, your application was not complete by the deadline. Your application has been moved to our Regular Deadline pool enabling you to submit missing documents. To receive an admission decision on March 20, please submit the missing items listed under the Application Checklist below by February 22, 2021.”. Needless to say, he freaked, especially since he had submitted application 10-12 days before ED deadline and portal had said all complete and decision by Dec. 1. He called and they said it was a glitch - their records showed complete. They said decisions have been made… catastrophe averted… good luck!

My EA daughter’s portal looks a little different - it no longer says that a decision will be received 12/20. Maybe that means it will be earlier!

Good luck to all the ED folks - so exciting!

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Nothing like an extra layer of anxiety! Glad it worked out. Anxiously awaiting ED info in our house.

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HOLY COW! Thank goodness all ok. I know a few people got calls last night and were admitted ED. Did they tell you when it will be posted?