Elon Early Action

Does anyone know when the early action comes out? I know it says by December 20th but the Early Decision people were notified earlier than they were told.

I had posted a similar question and it appears in past years notifications went out on whatever the last day they’ve said “no later than”… maybe a day early but nothing close to rolling or even waves.

I think ED heard early because the notification date was Dec 1, which was a Sun and Thanksgiving weekend. Dec 20 is a Fri., so my guess is that’ll be the day. And probably not until 4 or 5 after admissions closes. Just my best guess. We’re counting down the days. It’s one of my D’s top choices.

So DD heard that some EA kids were notified tonight on their portal. No change on her portal. Told her that it was just a rumor.

@Mel2020 No change in the portal here.

No change here

These next 9 days are going to go by so slowly!!!

No change here either…

My son got a scare as he’d heard rumors of decisions going out but it turns out they were ED not EA…

I know I really can’t wait any longer

Has anyone heard anything at all during the EA process?
DS is starting to get nervous. His friend got in ED and the extra wait is making him antsy.

Decisions for EA will not be out until the end of next week.

How do you know, I’m freaking

Do we know what time on Friday the decisions will come out? Early morning, late afternoon?

I just looked back at last years EA thread at it appears decisions were released at 9pm!!

Ugh! That’s so late! So that would be 9pm on 12/20, not 12/19?

@Brooklynroots Yup!! Hopefully earlier though. I’m just basing the time according to last years EA thread and the notification date is on the Elon website.

I emailed my admissions counselor and she said the decision are coming out on Friday at 12:00am. Going to be a late night!

@Brooklynroots So does that mean Thurs night or Fri night?

Early Friday morning at 12:00am. So set your alarm on Thursday for 11:59pm and countdown the 60 seconds! lol Almost think 9pm is better. At least I’ll be awake.

OMG are you positive??