Elon University Class of 2027 Official Thread

Please share your hopes, thoughts, and questions about Elon.

My son applied and we have fingers crossed. Elon is one of two smaller schools on his list, and we’d be really happy for him to have it as an option.


My son as well… anxiously awaiting Dec 20th. I really felt this was his “home” when we visited this summer

Hope it’s a yes for him that day! May I ask, what were a couple highlights for him/you from your visit?

It was probably aspirational of me to name the thread “Class of 2027,” but I suppose I was putting it out to the universe!

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I thought the size was perfect. Liked how it was tucked away in a small town feel but everything in Burlington is right there. Enjoyed the history, how they hand out the acorns to all of the new students. We liked how the campus was organized in commons. Of course some beautiful new buildings. Sports were active there even though not a huge school. Also the application questions were the only ones he actually enjoyed working on!


I really liked our visit at Elon. It has the earliest notification of the schools where my son applied, so hoping for an acceptance! The hotel on campus is really nice if you need somewhere to stay.


Does anyone know when Elon typically sends out acceptance notifications?

Looks like December 20 on the website. If you follow Elon University Admissions on Instagram they may give you a heads up about the time.

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It was the 20th last year

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Last year D got an EA decision on the 16th.


Portal says that the 20th is the decision date, but my D can see “admitted students” section. Can everyone?

Where are you seeing that?

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Under the admissions section, it sits under Undergraduate cost, financial aid section. But i think it’s just the part of the page

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I do see it but think it’s hypothetical. For some weeks now, we have gotten “This week with Elon Admissions” emails. When the most recent one came, my husband and I agreed these are nice, but how about an acceptance! :smile:


I just logged into a different computer, it seems just to be a generic page layout

It’s easy to feel impatient when we’re hopeful and eager.


My daughter loved Elon and after the schools that made the cut, there wasn’t any other school that she loved as much as Elon. She ED’d. The decision date was 12/1.

The portal updated the night before at 8:00 PM with ED decisions. I don’t know if that will be the case for EA, but it was a relief for my daughter.


Anyone know when Elon EA coming out? Have any gone out?

I believe I read that EA will release on the 20th.


Hoping the Elon EA’s come out sooner than noted on the 20th. We are all on pins and needles.