Email from UCSC

Got a terrifying (maybe not) email yesterday saying, in short, if I am accepted to UCSC (im an oos transfer, CA resident) I’ll have to take a summer course (its just a stats course) at a CCC as a conditional acceptance…

is this a good, bad, or neutral sign indicating acceptance? I haven’t received an admissions yes or no yet. I’m so scared…

I believe as long as you take that course, you should be good to go! Conditional acceptance is still acceptance, but you have to finish the class they need.

oh I mean like, do you think this is a good sign I’ll get accepted in the future or does It not mean anything? since I haven’t gotten an admission result from Ucsc on my portal yet

I would contact UCSC admissions and ask them to clarify the information.

Ask if you need to submit proof of enrollment in the summer course before your acceptance is finalized and can enroll?

there isn’t anything to clear up, I know (if I get accepted, which I haven’t yet) I have to finish it and then send them the transcript and proof of enrollment and if my grade is above B- I get admitted (not if its below). However, what I was asking in the post (might’ve been unclear) is whether or not this means I’ll likely get accepted, or if its a neutral sign.
I doubt they’d be giving me a conditional possible offer if not, but maybe it doesn’t mean anything. idk. they could still reject me

Hard to determine but I would think that if they sending an email that you are required to take the summer course, it could be favorable.

thanks! obviously no way to know yet but we will see.

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