Email on missing PFAA

<p>My sister received this email this week. Did anyone else get this (this year or last year)?</p>

<p>Name: XXX

<p>Dear XXX:</p>

<p>We see you have indicated that you intend to apply for financial aid. We are writing to let you know that information needed to complete your aid application is still missing.</p>

<p>We have not received the Princeton Financial Aid Application (PFAA). You can complete the on-line application through the Web at Princeton</a> University | Apply for Financial Aid. If you do not have computer access, you can call our office to request a paper version of the form. Note: if you completed a CSS/PROFILE application, you must still submit the PFAA. You can use your PROFILE information as part of your PFAA if you wish by including your CSS Id number on the first page of the on-line form. If you think you have already completed your PFAA, make sure it has been submitted and not just saved. Log in, and if your application is still available for update, click on the 'send' button.</p>

<p>If you originally planned to apply for aid and have since decided not to, we would appreciate a call so we can change our records.</p>

<p>We hope to hear from you within the next few days. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or difficulty providing the requested information.</p>

Catherine L. Beach
Assistant Director</p>

<p>i received this email today.</p>

<p>Ursel4some, do you think this is a good sign? Last year some people who got similar emails around March 20th later got in. Wishfulthinking</p>

<p>i wish haha, but no, i think it's just the financial aid office acting independently of the admissions office. i could be wrong, i just don't want to get my hopes up :&lt;/p>

<p>No, it's just that you need to send in your stuff. Don't read too far into things.</p>

<p>Hey! It doesn't have to do with Admission, so won't have an effect on whether or not you get in, but it might affect how much you pay for tuition, etc. If you indicated you were applying for FA on the regular application, this is it.</p>

<p>Go on and fill it out! If you've already completed the FAFSA form, it shouldn't be terribly long, it's a little like Princeton's unique FAFSA.</p>

<p>My email was a bit different:</p>

<p>We understand from the Admission Office that when you applied for admission, you indicated an interest in applying for financial aid. We are writing to let you know that we have not yet received a Princeton Financial Aid Application (PFAA) associated with the above e-mail address. However, if you submitted the PFAA with a different e-mail, you can disregard this message. </p>

<p>In the event you have not completed the form, you may still apply for financial aid. Information about the application process and access to the on-line application can be found at this link Princeton</a> University | Apply for Financial Aid . </p>

<p>It is not necessary to reply to this e-mail if you have decided you will not apply for aid.</p>

<p>Thank you,</p>

<p>The Undergraduate Financial Aid Office</p>

<p>Princeton University</p>

<p>I got 3 copies of it too :)</p>

<p>My S received the same email as crosscurrent. In our case, we did send in the PFAA back on Jan. 27th, but with a different email. This just seems like they have an application with a similar name and information, but that the contacting email is different and they just want to make sure. I applaud Princeton for this. If you already sent in your PFAA you should have received a confirmation email with the following: Student Number, Application Number, Academic Year, and time and date stamp when it was submitted. If oyu have this info, just reply to the email so that they can confirm. </p>

<p>Regarding the other letter at the beginning of the thread, seems that they have not received your PFAA or there is information missing that allows them to connect it to your admissions application. This could be as simple as having clicked on save instead of send at the end of the PFAA process. Just follow their instructions and get it done. Don't stress it, just do it.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>f make certain that they have not received</p>

<p>It seems in the past the FA office only processed FA for admitted students</p>

<p>Application</a> numbers hit all-time high with Class of 2009 - The Daily Princetonian</p>

<p>"University does not track aid applications until students are admitted"</p>

<p>Things change every year, I guess we can't read too much into this.</p>

<p>I didnt get any email at all :( Should I contact admissions?</p>

<p>Shruthi, you won't get this email if they already have your PFAA. Did you send it in?</p>

<p>Yeah... I did... But I sent it on the deadline, and I was worried that it might not have been received.... Thanks!</p>

<p>That might be a good sign..caz if u were already rejected then they wouldnot bother to ask you to complete your financial aid... something like that happend to me while I applied EA.... my fiancial aid was missing and they did not contact me...eventually I was rejected..</p>

<p>Wow...I got this. And I don't want to get my hope up,'s hoping!</p>

<p>Oh. Well, there is a simple test of this theory.</p>

<p>Has anyone who applied and KNOWS they didn't turn the PFAA in NOT receive this email?</p>

<p>Are decisions already made? Does anyone know the time frame for admission committees?</p>

<p>Yeah... I didn't get a letter about turning in the PFAA, however I never intended to apply for financial aid in the first place. Was there like a box to check at some point if you were applying for financial aid?</p>

<p>I think (and hope) this doesn't mean anything. I think it would be too much of a giveaway if they only sent the financial aid stuff to the kids who they planned on admitting.</p>

<p>i got crosscurent's email. lol i doubt it means too much even though i would like to think otherwise</p>

<p>cory123 or anyone else who received the email, did you originally intend to apply for financial aid or do something that would make the financial aid office contact you?</p>

<p>i applied for aid from a different email address, hence the email.</p>