Emerson College Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Wow I didn’t see this! This is super exciting!

Emerson ED/EA decision is tomorrow! 12/14 1pm (look at portal page for exact time for your state)

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I don’t want to stress my D out by asking her… do you know what time CA comes out?

CA is 4 pm Eastern

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does anyone see newly required financial aid documents in your portal now? they are asking for an asset worksheet (whatever that is) and my parents w2s- i don’t remember seeing those requests before today

Curious where on the portal it is, we dont see it on my daughters page. Freaking us out. Also what major is your child? Maybe different majors come out other days?!?! ugh this is so nervewracking!!

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It’s on the screen before you log in! I can take a picture if you need


So to see it, don’t actually log in. Just go to the portal page and scroll up. I believe the decisions will be released at 1pm for everyone (so CA is 1pm, 4pm Eastern but Eastern is 1pm EST).


Hope you found it!!! Good luck~~

Has anybody gotten notified yet on their EA application? Best of luck to all!

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would love to hear stats…

freaking out!?!??!?! oohhhmmm 9 min!!

My daughter got in ED! Journalism with $80,000 merit aid!


what were her stats??

My daughter got in EA for Media Studies with $60k scholarship ($15k per year). Did not get into Honors program.

3.9 UW/4.35 W
1380 SAT

Hello! My son just got in too (yay!) but I don’t see any notice of merit aid. Was that somewhere other than the acceptance letter?

please share his stats, if you do not mind

4.25 weighted GPA, 3.4 unweighted, 1330 SAT. Accepted EA for media arts production.

The scholarship was in the acceptance letter.

what were her stats if you dont mind me asking