Emory RD 2025

First of all, congratulations! Was the merit money a part of the admission letter or did you receive additional communication?

that is what I was implying

since the other user was saying that 4k+4k doesnt equal 6892, I was saying the difference is the cross admits

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Correct: it is a Venn diagram → 4343+4278-6892 =1729 (admitted to both)

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If I got no merit aid at this point, should I assume I won’t get any or will that come out at a later time?

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The acceptance rate is about 12.7% for Emory CAS. If you look at the total number of apps and those admitted to Emory that’s the way historically acceptance rate has been calculated for Emory. Look at past years and you’ll see what I’m saying 4340/33800. Class of 2025 Admission Results - College Kickstart. According to this Emory had a 13% acceptance rate overall and Oxford had a 20% acceptance rate.

The merit money was included in the FA


when will we hear about waitlst results?

Between May and July…normally few get off although it’s an odd year. You’ll need to deposit elsewhere - they tell you that in the FAQs. You shouldn’t count on Emory. You can hope - but don’t count on it. A WL is a rejection with a benefit that they can pull you back if they don’t yield what they expect.

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Is Emory offering anything in person for admitted students between now and 5/1? Just making sure we haven’t missed anything!

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Is there Honor’s college at Emory and if so what is the process for getting invited to join ? thanks

Hi! I believe you can graduate with Honors by pursuing things such as an honors thesis, honors seminars, and various other requirements. Below is a link I found that should help!


Friend got into Oxford College and wait listed for Emory College. After first 2 years they all go to Emory college. Anyone know of any downsides to going to Oxford for first 2 years? Is it as good as Emory for quality of education?

It’s basically a junior college that is auto and 100% enroll to emory. They even get an associates…but obviously it’s not a junior college.

When we toured the other year the two points that stood out to me from the students:

  1. The Oxford kids are all real tight and form a nice clique when they get to Emory.

  2. The Emory admin does not do a good job of integrating them into the campus.

That was two years ago when my son was looking. It could be different. We only applied to Emory - my daughter had zero interest in Oxford… Then we got WL.

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Yes it is as strong as Emory from an education standpoint. My son’s good friend is there now and loved it pre Covid. He was admitted to both Emory and Oxford but chose Oxford for the first 2 years.


Oxford is not a “junior college.” It is a 2-year liberal arts college that feeds directly into Emory in junior year.

Oxford College of Emory University - Wikipedia.


I have friends at Oxford and they say it is more rigorous than Emory College with great opportunities! I see a lot of people complaining about getting into Oxford in this thread… it again is an amazing opportunity and equally as prestigious as Emory. At the end of the day, you will be graduating from Emory University and will be on the main campus for the last two years. Oxford offers an amazing experience for students hoping for a tight close-knit community and small class sizes with the resources of a major institution! Oh and by the way, Oxford is not a “junior college”… LOL. That’s ridiculous for whoever said that.


I said it. I said that it’s like a JC - ok not really.

But I said it because of this:

tudents who complete their degrees from Oxford are awarded an associate of arts (AA) degree

and you left out the rest of that sentence: “before continuing their studies in Atlanta.” The term “junior college” is usually associated with a different type of college experience than what is offered at Oxford College.