Emory RD 2025

Yes, my original note said - “but obviously it’s not a junior college.” I was kidding because of the AA>

Believe me, I’d be ecstatic if my daughter got in - but she didn’t apply. I do find it odd they give you an AA.

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Okay but that AA doesnt even matter because you’ll get your bachelors from Emory University… if anything wouldnt it be stronger to have both an AA and bachelors when applying to grad school? I just don’t like how you are putting it in a negative light when your child doesnt even attend…

It was clearly tongue in cheek - as I wrote in the original message. Lighten up.

I also said I wish my daughter applied - but she only wanted Emory - she doesn’t want to be out there far from a city.

There was clearly no ill-intent in my comment.

people, there is no need to get into virtual fisticuffs. There is literally an entire internet to sort this out. Oxford College is not a junior college for the same reason Emory College is not a junior college.


Hey guys i got waitlisted to emory college and i’m so desperate to get in. so do you know if the statistics are on my side or if i should give up hope. also is there anything i can do to get off the waitlist?

My opinion is - the WL is a rejection but it’s a hedge for them, not you. So you need to make plans, including deposit, at another college. Assume you are going to that other college and I’m sure you have great options. If you don’t assume that you are going elsewhere, you will torture yourself and you will be disappointed.

We are on the Emory wait list but my daughter knows she needs to move on. If they come back, great - but they will not come back til after May 1.

If you read their FAQs, it’s not ranked - so they will pick whoever they feel meets their need should they need someone. That might be by geography, major, or otherwise.

Schools have huge wait lists this year - and I’m guessing it’s due to they have so many applicants, and they don’t know how many will accept. So they are guessing at a yield - so the wait list is crutch for them to hit their number.

So my advice to you is, move on emotionally - but if you get an email in two months that they want you, then worry about the decision you’d need to make. Until then, after you’ve signed up that you want to be on, move forward and get jacked up for your alternative - which I’m sure will be a “win” for you. What is #2?


Great reply. Covered pretty much all bases. One thing I think is important - even more so this years than in the past - is the letter of continued interest (LOCI). While the other parameters like geography, major, gender, etc., will continue to remain relevant and important factors to ensure a well-rounded class, the schools will looke to offer admissions to those who truly show that they remain strongly interested and vested in the school. Thus, make sure that while you cover your bases (accept and make a deposit to your #1 school from those who have offered you admission), you do stay in contact with your true #1

Son will withdraw his acceptance, so one more freed up spot for the WL.

Best of luck!

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Where did he decide? Congrats to him.

Turndowns don’t open up the WL until after May 1. They already know x % aren’t going - and that includes those who accept and withdraw. Hope you didn’t pay a deposit.

Thank you. UChicago! It will be difficult to turn down Duke after the LL (it was such a thoughtful and caring letter) but his heart is set on Chicago. Re. the WL’s, yes, so I’ve heard. :pensive: At this point, it doesn’t hurt to keep the faith!

All the best!

Oh, you’re going up market :slight_smile: congrats. Yeah, people turn down Ivies for Chicago. Emory is fantastic - but it’s that next tier below.

We will turn down our “highest level” - Washington & Lee ($81K) for - likely several steps below - a public (either Charleston or U of SC) - both in Honors - but still below.

My daughter holds hope for Emory (WL) but I imagine that’s not coming with $$.

She does have Miami - but again, expensive. After merit - about $53K. I wonder if people overlook the GPA requirements for merit - surely not everybody can keep their scholarship. That worries me as a parent.

Good luck.

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Quick Question to those who are staying on the waitlist, are you guys sending any additional information in or nah? Because I sent in some more stuff but i don’t know if that’s good or not.

I committed to Baylor but emory still is my top choice

My daughter just did the form. I personally don’t think the extra stuff matters.

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What do the waitlist instructions say? If they allow a LOCI I would send one. Some require it to be uploaded vs emailed. Can’t hurt unless they instruct your not to send additional info particularly if you have an update to make (honors day, etc).

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Did accepted students receive a packet in the mail yet?

not yet do they send stuffing the mail usually?

It looks like some ED & RD kids got a small package last year, so just curious if they are doing something this year.

oo thats fun I hope they do!

Got my package in the mail today with my letter, balloons, and some stickers! Very sweet!

Yes received packet for Oxford which I will not be accepting. WL at Emory, might take if that comes through.