Emory RD 2025

Was Oxford ever an option. Or you just got something you like better?

My daughter is WL at Emory and didn’t apply to Oxford. For her, it wasn’t an option. I wonder if others are in the same boat but applied to Oxford thinking the school would look more favorably than applying just to Emory?

Where is your student accepting?

My daughter is going - not to her highest ranked - she’s in at W&L which is similar in rank to Emory and other fine schools - but has chosen College of Charleston - which fits her personality best. If she gets off Emory WL, we’ll reconsider.

Good luck.

Best options for me at this time for pre-med track are Vandy or Case Western, like Vandy over Case but have more $ from Case. Like city/urban schools so if Emory come through will consider it as it is local to me. WL at Yale, UNC, Duke, UPenn, but not banking on those. UPenn if it comes through is definitely an option but giving up $ to go there does not seem practical to me. Should not have applied to Oxford at all but going in to the admissions process was willing to look at it as well as did not know what i would end up with. Best of luck to your D!

U too. CWR is a great school. Most would assume Vandy over Emory. Guess it depends on need.

Nothing wrong with an affordable Case Western, especially in a pre-med track.

That’s a wonderful opportunity. Congrats.

True all those are great. For pre-med Vandy= Emory

the instructions said you don’t have to send in anything as long as you say you want to stay on the waitlist. but if you want a higher chance of getting in they said a LOCI wouldn’t hurt

Hi! When can we expect WL decisions this year?

Between May and July - they published an FAQ to those wait listed.

You have to remember, they have to wait til May to see who enrolls. They also have the added difficulty of having two campuses and some are in at both.

Many people don’t deposit until the last minute. They also have to see who is coming by major and or geography - because they will use those factors and more to decide who to move in, if anyone.

Again, deposit elsewhere and get excited about that school. If Emory comes through later, it’s great. But if it doesn’t, you’ll be emotionally separated already and feel much better about where you end up.

Well said. We need to consider waitlists as rejections and focus on what we have at hand now. Pick the one you love the most among them and start learning more about the school. Getting off waitlists is very low probability if not impossible.

Is it possible to have been admitted off the Oxford at Emory college earlier than May 1? I heard people say they were admitted last Saturday but that’s realistically wouldn’t make sense because last minute every single admitted student could commit.

No. Emory sent a wait list note yesterday. WL will start in mid to late May.

Sorry, I don’t have any information. My son was admitted to Oxford in the RD round, while he is on the waitlists of a few other schools. I was just saying that we shouldn’t focus too much on the waitlists, that may only lead to more disappointment as the chance is very low in general.
Good luck!

Yes a WL is a rejection but a hedge for the school. But anyone on should assume they are rejected. This way there’s no emotions involved.

Should you send final grades, etc. sure. But assume you are not getting in. Fall in love with where you deposited and assume that’s where you are going.