Emory Waitlist 2024?

I didn’t see any Emory waitlist forum on anywhere, so I decided to make one! I wonder how many of you got waitlisted by Emory and just wanted to ask what’s the chance of getting off waitlist. I got waitlisted from both Emory and Oxford college just fyi.

When did you find out?

I applied ED2 for Emory and I found out on the result day

My daughter got weight listed last year, we never heard back until first week of July. We almost gave hope she made it but she did. She goes there now, and she loves it.

Thanks for your reply. I really wish I can get into Emory because it really is my dream school. Glad to hear that your daughter loves the school!

Waitlisted at Oxford, denied at Emory. Does anyone know waitlist acceptance stats for Oxford, or where I can find them?

Do you know what she did to get off the waitlist?

I just got a call that I got admitted off the Oxford waitlist!!

My D also got a call today from Oxford that she got accepted off the waitlist.

May I ask if you submitted a letter of continued interest and also what major you applied for?

I did sent a loci about a week ago and I applied for the NBB (neuroscience) major.

Could be a big year for waitlist students since Emory is on the fence on fall classes.

I just got an offer for Emory’s Class of 2024 College of Arts and Sciences through an email!

Just got off the waitlist to Emory College (Arts and Sciences) as well over an email!

Congrats! What were your applied majors?

I got off waitlist to Emory today!

is there gonna be a second wave of acceptances?

Also curious ^ I have a feeling that Emory is close to being finished with pulling off waitlist applicants.

hi! i got off the waitlist today! i sent a LOCI weeks ago, and I applied for Psychology

My daughter is waitlisted too. Question, did you sent the loci to a particular person, or just uploaded it at the application status page?