Emory's New Gen Ed Requirements

<p>Emory Wheel Today:</p>

<p>Faculty</a> Moves for Overhauling GERs | The Emory Wheel</p>

<p>Is this going to affect anyone's decision? Good News: more flexibility Bad News: AP scores of 5 for credit? Sounds like Harvard....</p>

<p>This applies to the incoming class of 2008? I read the article but the only reference to implementation was a question of whether the GER system applied only to incoming students (starting...when) or to all existing students as well. since at the time of application, emory offered credit for 4's...well...I'm hoping they don't change the ap requirement for us.</p>

<p>aznnin: I guess we'll have to figure this out later....assumed it was for incoming students, but we'll see........</p>

<p>I would be surprised if they imposed new standards for students who already have taken AP exams...it would be patently unfair. It would be analagous to an ex post facto law. Imposing a 5 requirement on an AP exam clearly sends the message that Emory wants to be viewed as an Ivy.</p>

<p>It couldn't be applied to existing students. They couldn't take the credit away that had already been reported for scores of 4 on the AP exams. Usually, the students are governed by the catalog and its requirements for the year they enter. Since the professors have to vote again, I would think it would be the class of 2013 that it would impact. But I think it looks less restrictive than the current requirements.</p>

<p>thatmom: No, I wouldn't think that it would apply to existing students; I was actually contemplating the students for Class of 2012......(entering this fall)</p>

<p>MBJ: I totally agree, but it seems like this is going to be voted on for next year....Interestingly enough, there are other schools not in Emory's league who also have this "5" requirement.....</p>

<p>Hi rodney. I guess it is another way for schools to elevate their status / standing. I tend to think that any new provision that is agreed upon will take effect and commence with the class of 2013, and not the incoming class of 2012. BTW, good luck with everything. Marc</p>

<p>Marc....thanks for the good wishes....D was accepted with large merit scholarship to Newhouse so if accepted to Emory, we will have a very tough (and expensive) decision to make.....take care....</p>