Engg, Comp Sci, Materials Sci, Business Majors:Top IPO Schools- UT Ranked 7th

<p>As we enter 2012, I urge you smart ones - and the highly motivated ones - to THINK BIG.</p>

<p>In this regard, I thought you may guys may be interested to see this fairly recent article from the Wall Street Journal dated December 1, 2011 (which I am pasting because you may need a subscription to view):</p>

<p>"By JIM CARLTON </p>

<p>Stanford University leads the nation in a new measure of success: the U.S. college with the highest number of graduates who are top officers in companies that recently filed for public stock offerings.
Stanford grads accounted for 32 of the 802 executives whose companies filed for IPOs in the first half of 2011, followed by Harvard University with 24, according to a new analysis by research firm Equilar Inc. </p>

<p>Another prominent Bay Area institution, the University of California at Berkeley, came in third with 23 graduates, the Equilar report found. </p>

<p>Equilar officials said the executives attended a total of 379 schools, and speculated that Stanford and Berkeley ranked so high because of their proximity to Silicon Valley, the nation's capital of start-ups. </p>

<p>"There is definitely a bias towards California," said Andrew Comstock, an Equilar senior product manager. </p>

<p>Write to Jim Carlton at Jim.Carlton @wsj.com"</p>

<p>Now, there is a chart in the article - which would not copy - which ranks the top 10 schools with the greatest number of graduates running companies that filed to go public (IPO's) in first half of 2011. They were:</p>

<li>Stanford with 32, </li>
<li>Harvard with 24,</li>
<li>UC Berkeley with 23, </li>
<li>Northwestern Univ 19,<br></li>
<li>UCLA 18,</li>
<li>U Penn 16, </li>
<li>UNIV OF TEXAS 13,</li>

<p>followed by Indiana Univ, Univ of Chicago and Duke to round out the top 10.</p>

<p>So, I hope some of you will THINK BIG, and if you have innovative, creative ideas for a start-up that you will find like-minded souls at school, with whom you can team up (those with different skill sets to yours) and create a big company.</p>

<p>So, good luck and best wishes; and if you need someone to help think this through, there are resources at UT, and I too am prepared to help.</p>

<p>Yes, Yes, and Yes. This is one of the biggest reasons I love Austin and the University of Texas. The entreprenurial spirit is everywhere in this place and it's great to be around. I got an e-mail the other day about a new class called "Liberal Arts Entrepreneur" for those of you in the Lib Arts college. There is also BA 320 "Foundations of Entrepreneurship" with Eli Mercer, which is a night class out of the extension school that I'm considering taking. Also consider the BDP program called "Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship" and maybe try to get involved with ATI or something similar.</p>

<p>Also the fact that Austin, TX, has shown strong economic vitality through the downturn. Tech companies are booming, I guess that's why they call it "silicon hills"</p>

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