Engineering Universitits in Japan

<p>I am currently a junior in high school and have decided that my ultimate goal is to study aerospace engineering, computer science, or robotics engineering in Japan. The two schools that I have found to be the best for international students is Waseda or Tohoku. If you have any other suggestions for other schools with my above needs, I would really appreciate the help. My worry is getting accepted though. I have a fairly low GPA but have strong math and science skills (by American standards). I know that these two universities are very hard to get in to for the Japanese but are easier for international students because there are less of them. I am also worried about my level of Japanese. My goal is to pass the old level 3 JLPT (level 4 for the new set). This is considerably lower than most students but I heard that a lot of freshman classes are in English so I should be okay. Are all of the above true from your knowledge or do I have misconceptions. Is my goal unrealistic? If not, how can I make it realistic and how to improve my chances if I might be close? Thank you very much for your help.</p>