English Fluency Test Waivers

I’m aware most colleges require people applying from abroad to either present an English fluency test or to apply for a waiver. However in my case, I was wondering if I can just apply normally without writing IELTS/TOEFL or emailing them for a waiver.

  1. I am a US citizen and have been schooled in America up until 8th grade
  2. The entirety of my high school education outside the US was conducted in English only.
  3. I scored a 760/800 in the English EBRW section of the SAT (which I think is harder than basic fluency tests?)

Writing IELTS is pretty expensive, so I’d definitely avoid it if I could. And I feel I’ve already proven my fluency many times over through essays and tests so emailing colleges individually for waivers seems unnecessary.

It depends on what they college requires. Different colleges have different expectations. I would email them rather than assume.

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You need to contact the colleges that interest you. Most would consider that full schooling in English is enough and many also use the EBWR score, but you want the college itself to email you their policy. (And keep it in case someone forgets/isn’t aware.)

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