Enrollment at Harvard and Yale Down 20 Percent After Moving to Online Classes

"One-fifth of Yale and Harvard students will not enroll for the fall semester.

Universities across the United States are anticipating drops in enrollment." …


Campus reform is not a reliable news source.

As an example as to how they do their best to mislead readers, there is this quote:

Following the link, you discover that actually 87% are enrolling, but another 16% are not returning to campus because they are taking all of their courses online. However, looking at the statement, one gets the impression that 29% are taking gap years, not 13%.

Every one of the stories they post are filled with such misleading statements and unsupported claims. So I do not see the point in starting a discussion based on an unsupported claim, made by an unreliable source.

I can’t speak to Yale or other colleges, but it’s true at Harvard:


I’m surprised to see a representative of CC signal-boosting Campus Reform. There are versions of this story on CNN, Forbes, and other reputable outlets that are accountable to someone besides an activist donor base. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brandonbusteed/2020/08/07/20-of-harvards-first-year-class-has-deferred/#677f3cbe14a9

Not true.

The C.R. article which Mr. Berry linked to is full of links to original sources from the campuses themselves: the Harvard Crimson, the Yale Daily News, and the Williams Record among them.

Readers can click on each link, go to those sources, and make their own judgements with your or anyone else’s political editorializing.

You might have warned your readers that the source you link to and recommend heartily is actually a Forbes advertorial penned by a for-profit executive at Kaplan.

Do you work for Kaplan?

LOL, nope. But unlike the CR-sponsored publication on my child’s campus, Kaplan hasn’t exposed individual students to targeted harassment and doxxing, amplified by the national organization and ultimately contributing to at least one tragic outcome. I’m very much not a fan of CR’s leveraging and manipulation of student journalism, and I don’t think CC should be promoting them.

So, here’s the Harvard Crimson link, for ease of getting to this primary source without giving clicks to Campus Reform (or to the dreaded “MSM”). https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2020/8/7/harvard-coronavirus-fall-enrollment-numbers/

I would also suggest CC not post stories based on this source. If valid data/links are provided, use the source material.

These facts may be accurate but previous links to the same source have been extremely misleading.

The “journalist” for this story is an Marketing undergrad at Penn.

To give further context to lower enrollment figures for schools like Harvard and Yale, they have in fact tried to actively manage down the density of their on-campus population to better monitor and control any spread, and to allow for easier social distancing protocols. The headline suggests that enrollment is down because of on-line learning - true in that many students would rather take some time off to not miss the full college experience, but these schools have made it very easy to defer a semester or a year while at the same time prohibiting/discouraging certain classes from coming back to campus for at least a semester.

Here is a direct link to the Yale Daily News article. ttps://yaledailynews.com/blog/2020/07/30/80-percent-of-students-to-enroll-in-fall-2020/

This is indeed a reliable source, especially for Harvard, and worth discussing.

Just because there are some links to reliable sources doesn’t make this a reliable source. It is a propaganda outlet masquerading as a news source, and the misleading statement I quoted is typical of what passes as “reporting” on this website.

One could also say CNN is propaganda depending on your political leanings. But let’s just analyze the facts and leave political chatter out of it.

One could say a lot of things, but one would be completely wrong to make that comparison. Not comparable at all.

CR is directly interfering in the discourse on college campuses, launching personal attacks on students they disagree with, and aggressively promoting inflammatory misinformation to the larger alt-right community in order to stir up manufactured controversy. No legitimate news source, whether right or left leaning, does these things.

Here’s a chart that analyzes relative media bias. https://www.adfontesmedia.com/the-chart-version-3-0-what-exactly-are-we-reading/ It has been around for a while and has been updated several times.

If a CC representative were to post a story from, say, the Washington Times (comparable quality to CNN and farther right than CNN is left), I wouldn’t object in the slightest. If I thought the piece had too much slant, I might offer a competing perspective, but I wouldn’t complain that it was improper to post the link.

Campus Reform, you’ll notice, isn’t even on that chart, anywhere. Because it’s not legitimate journalism and doesn’t belong on a forum like this, especially posted by official representatives of said forum. If CC wants its members to refrain from fanning political flames, the platform itself should be held to the same standard.