Entering B-School Early?

<p>Do any of you know what kind of GPA is needed to get into the business school second semester sophomore year? I know it depends on applicants but a general figure would be nice</p>

<p>Spring semester seems to be a little more competitive because there are far fewer seats available (~45 vs ~180). I don't have any data, and I'm pretty sure they rank eligible students by GPA and then cut it off when they've reached capacity. So it very much does depend on the applicant pool. I would say shoot for 3.5+ for spring admission, but that's just an unscientific estimate. I was accepted early with a 3.9, but that's not much of a useful data point because I would guess the cutoff was a bit below that. If you're closer to 3.0 or 3.25 you should probably shoot for fall.</p>

<p>You can re-apply for fall admission if you are not accepted for spring, so there's no harm in applying for spring admission no matter what your GPA is. It's a very easy online form to fill out (no essays or anything). Just remember to do it early because the deadline is October 1.</p>

<p>Remember, you have to be an academic junior (54 credits) and have completed all of the pre-requisite courses before you can be admitted which might be a stretch for second-semester sophomores.</p>

<p>You may want to contact the Mason School of Business and ask for Jennifer Dhanke who spearheads the admission process and she can let you know what GPAs got in last spring.</p>