Entering class of 2022 Drama

Let’s kick this year off! I thought we should create a thread that talks all things preselections, dates you’ve heard back from schools, and general advice if you have it.
I’ll start…
waiting on pretty much everyone still! Lol
We’ve heard from CMU that she got through preselections. Haven’t heard back as to date for audition yet.
Got accepted to a couple colleges and scholarships, but waiting on auditions for the drama portion.
Got any updates for this fall’s craziness?
We’ve applied to Juilliard, CMU, UNCSA, Florida State, Rutgers, SCAD, Azusa, Pepperdine, Cal Arts, and Chapman

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My kiddo just wrapped up most of their applications and prescreens. I think they have only heard back from Chapman and CMU so far (with passes - yay!). Still waiting on:

  • CalArts
  • CCC
  • DePaul
  • Fordham
  • Ithaca
  • Pace
  • Purchase
  • USC

but I think they just submitted most this past week.

Then they will be auditioning direct (without prescreens) for NYU, LAMDA, Juilliard, Mason Gross and MMU in Jan/Feb. They have already auditioned for Adelphi, Emerson, LMU and New School.

We have heard back on academic acceptances (BA) from CCC and Pace (both yes). They also submitted for UW, UCLA & UCSD.

This is a wild ride to watch them go through. I can’t believe how much work it is! I kept trying to convince them to apply to less schools but they wouldn’t have it. Soooo hoping that it works out well for them in terms of fit (& affordability! - eek!)