Essay topic... if I'm applying for Engineering

<p>Do you think it would be strange or a disadvantage if I write my essay on my political concerns for democracy in Latin America, even if I'm applying to the College of Engineering (nothing to do with Political Science)? I am a Latin American international student too, BTW.</p>

<p>Just for reference, I'm applying to WUSTL, Univ of Miami, Lafayette College, and thinking about Bucknell, Lehigh, Virginia Tech, Worcester Polytechnic, and a couple others.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for your responses!</p>

<p>Not at all....</p>

<p>Infact at most places u are asked to write a seperate essay on why u wanna study engineering also.......</p>


<p>anyone else has any thoughts?</p>

<p>Honestly speaking, I don't think it makes any difference - admission officers are aware that majors can change a lot so I don't think this would come through as strange. Write about whatever makes you tingle and produce a top-quality essay!</p>