Europe 2010

<p>because there was a's the new thread.
so who else is from Europe and is applying for the class of 2010?
where are you applying? let us talk :)</p>

<p>me, the requester :)</p>

<p>yes, that was you.
I guess I should introduce myself since I'm the one creating the thread.
I'm applying ED to Brown and want to major in math. don't have exceptional stats, but still hope to manage. I'm preparing myself for the RD round though :) (still, my dream school is and will remain Brown)</p>

serbia here:)</p>

<p>you may have a look at my stats at: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>and another girl from serbia...
Any Bulgarians applying?</p>

<p>yeah, i'm from Bulgaria :)</p>

<p>Europeans, where are you???</p>

<p>well, I guess there are fewer Europeans applying to a univ in the US than there are people from other continents. also I guess there are even fewer that know about CC(I'm the only Romanian for the class of 2010 on CC right now, or so it seems). :(</p>

<p>guys, have you been considering any european universities as well??</p>

<p>say, how would you rank LSE??what would you say is it's equivalent in the us?</p>

<p>...and good for us not many europeans are applying:)))</p>

<p>I've always wanted to study in London but the English colleges offer almost no scholarships and I cannot afford to pay the full tuition. But there are many Study Abroad programs in the US, which is another good chance.</p>

<p>that's true. most univ from Europe don't give much fin aid to international students. there's only Bremmen, that's a international university, but it doesn't quite appeal to me. sincerely, I would rather finish my studies in my country than go to Bremmen. but this is my opinion.</p>

<p>IU-Bremen is really good tho...they give great fin aid to international students, and the classes, the professors and the whole environment in the univ is really really good. And it really IS an international the real sense of the term. You should really consider IUB once seriously before thinking of any other univ in europe..</p>