<p>how many people on this forum are from Europe?</p>

<p>mmm I come from Taiwan but live in Spain, does that count :)?</p>

<p>yeah that may count as well. Are u an international student over therE?</p>

<p>Europe, Serbia over here</p>

<p>France (10 char)</p>

<p>hey, I'm from Germany!</p>

<p>Ireland here.</p>

<p>I'm from Switzerland!</p>

<p>you didn't mention where you were from yeahmeh</p>

<p>Romania here</p>

<p>Italy here</p>

<p>count me in</p>

<p>I lived in norway for 15 years...and a PR so i guess that counts.</p>


<p>I am from Kazakhstan! In US of A, woman can vote, but horse cannot? It is other way around in my country.
I hope you like my post. I like!</p>

<p>Seriously though I live in Switzerland. (and the above were not offensive comments but references to Borat's Television Programme which is a hilarious show made by the same guy who makes Ali G.)</p>

<p>Borat owns.</p>

<p>Indeedy he does.</p>

<p>Aah you have to see it. It's definitely one of the wittiest shows out there (while seeming like dumb humour Borat actually makes great satire, and highlights problems with society, such as racism and snobbism)
For example the song about jews in the redneck cowboy-like (Texan?) bar everyone sings along to</p>

<p>netherlands! (going to study in the USA for a year next year)</p>

<p>Country: Germany
City: Aachen
Ethnicity: Romanian</p>

<p>btw, which city are you from foreigngirl ?
same goes out to all the others as well :P</p>