Everything on greek life.

<p>So I am graduating high school in 2 years, and I have high hopes on moving out west and possibly going to USC. I have a couple questions though regarding greek life at USC. My academics are great at school, and I am on the varsity soccer team, but I am a bit of the "partying type" as well. If you could help answer my questions that would be great, and if you aren't the "partying" type or don't like greek life, I respect whatever opinions you may have, but I'd appreciate it if you'd leave it off my post. If you are in a sorority or maybe in a fraternity, your input would be great even if you don't go to USC.</p>

<li>I am of a mixed race, my mom is hispanic, and my dad is caribbean and white. Does race really come into play in terms of being in a sorority? In other words, do they tend to be very prejudice? I know there are the NPHC sororities, but does that mean that only african-amercians can be in those and not any other one?</li>
<li>What is rush truly week like?</li>
<li>How long can you be in a sorority? Like, is it by semester or by the school year?</li>
<li>Do you need recommendations, and if so, from who?</li>
<li>What are frat parties truly like?</li>
<li>If you are a part of greek life, to you, what is the greatest thing about being in a fraternity/sorority?</li>
<li>Is being in a sorority very time consuming? Will it be easy for me to be friends with other people outside of greek life, and can i easily participate in other "non-greek" activities?</li>
<li>Are girls from different sororities friends with each other, or is it very cliquey?</li>

<p>Even if you can only answer one of these questions, your input is very much appreciated :)</p>

<p>This is not the right place to ask the question. It’s a sub-forum for international students applying from Nepal. They haven’t even been to the US and are not that familiar with the system. You should try USC sub-forum instead.</p>