Exempt from TOEFL

Hi guys I am currently a Korean senior international student in Singapore and I am a bit confused by the TOEFL testing requirement for US colleges. I am looking to apply this November to NYU (ED round) and I am a bit confused by their English proficiency requirement. I have lived in Singapore for almost 10 years now and for all classes, I have been taught in English and I think Singapore is also an exempted country along with other English speaking countries like New Zealand and etc. Can anyone help me out please? Thanks!

You still need the toefl. My son international lives in the US and was required to do the toefl based on his visa status

There is no standard among US colleges regarding TOEFL requirements. You will need to look at each and every college’s requirements on their website and, if the site is unclear, call/email for clarification.

In the case of NYU, it appears that you would be exempt:


Few colleges will give an automatic exemption for Singapore (or Canada for that matter) since there are official languages other than English. The general (but not universal) benchmarkt for exemption is that English would need to be the principal language of secondary school.