Exeter 2023 Students Thread

Just a thread for people who were admitted to Exeter as preps and want to talk ab HOW CRAZY UR LIFE IS NOW

@ImWaisian this was so needed!!!

@cmbyn02 it’s kinda useless right now i guess, because not everyone has made a decision yet…

I have - and the hype is real! I made a dorm decoration Pinterst board! Still can’t believe I got into the “cool kids squad”! I can’t wait till September!

@HappyCria SAMEEE I have like no dress shirts so I’m already planning to but them even though I probably should get them before school so they fit right lol

Hey guys! Current Exeter prep here-just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! Can’t wait to see you all soon

@fencer557 when are you going to revisit day on? PM me… if you feel comfortable of course… :))

@ImWaisian just PMd you-anyone else if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, either here or though PM! Of course, anyone else with Exeter experience can jump in as well, but I’ll be super active on this site for the next week, since right now we’re on spring break

@fencer557 do you know the name of the nearest bank on campus? I might need to get a new debit card depending…

I know there’s a Peoples United Bank and (I think) a Citizens Bank nearby, but most students stick with their current debit cards and if they want to pay for something using cash, just utilize the ATM that we have on campus.

Another current prep here - also feel free to pm me if you’d like

My son is going to PEA this fall. I am just wondering how to get to PEA from Boston International airport? What do the students normally do for transportation between the school and the airport?

@rjh2677 I think that my parents might go with me to rent a car or something. I think that is the best option because if he needs something for the dorm, you can also drive out and get it. This is just my two cents though and most kids might do something completely different.

@rjh2677 do you mean for move in/ drop off or to get back to campus for breaks? PEA has a bus service they offer for students to get to/from Logan. Most kids take this to get back and forth from breaks. Many parents drop off their kids in the fall. It’s relatively easy to rent a car and drive up, but PEA has relationships with car services that can help as well.

Thanks for starting this thread! My DC will be joining you in the class of 2023. We parents are sooo excited!

@princessmomsf You get out what you put in academically. I find most of the classes challenging enough to be interesting but not overwhelming, and I feel that there is sufficient academic support available if you seek it out.

This thread is for newly accepted students to discuss their journey/hopes/dreams/fears. It is not a thread to ask questions about life at PEA, how hard are the classes, how to drive to PEA. That thread is here:
Posts that don;t belong with be deleted without notice or comment.

I don’t know if this counts as journey/hopes/dreams, but I’ve been reading the coursebook, and the courses are amazing! Especially history - there’s literally everything, from history of witchcraft to modern China. What courses did you people find intresting and why?

@HappyCria I found the history courses the most interesting as well! I feel that learning about another country, time period, or important events helps you think in a more educated way. My belief is that being knowledgeable in many cultures and events can help impact both your judgment and decision making positively because you are able to compare your circumstance to some other famous event and see how it turned out.

@ImWaisian And Harkness is the best way to learn about it, imo. Okay, here’s a story: I convinced my literature teacher to use Harkness for one class, we moved the tables and all. Then, somehow, the conversation moved from discussing Twelfth Night to debating whether giant isopods make good pets. I really hope that won’t happen at Exeter.