Exeter 2023 Students Thread

@princessmomsf You get out what you put in academically. I find most of the classes challenging enough to be interesting but not overwhelming, and I feel that there is sufficient academic support available if you seek it out.

This thread is for newly accepted students to discuss their journey/hopes/dreams/fears. It is not a thread to ask questions about life at PEA, how hard are the classes, how to drive to PEA. That thread is here:
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I don’t know if this counts as journey/hopes/dreams, but I’ve been reading the coursebook, and the courses are amazing! Especially history - there’s literally everything, from history of witchcraft to modern China. What courses did you people find intresting and why?

@HappyCria I found the history courses the most interesting as well! I feel that learning about another country, time period, or important events helps you think in a more educated way. My belief is that being knowledgeable in many cultures and events can help impact both your judgment and decision making positively because you are able to compare your circumstance to some other famous event and see how it turned out.

@ImWaisian And Harkness is the best way to learn about it, imo. Okay, here’s a story: I convinced my literature teacher to use Harkness for one class, we moved the tables and all. Then, somehow, the conversation moved from discussing Twelfth Night to debating whether giant isopods make good pets. I really hope that won’t happen at Exeter.

I love giant isopods :))

Yeah, they’re adorable. :smiley:

@HappyCria and @ImWaisian there are more classes you will want to take at Exeter than classes you will be able to take. It’s not too early to start planning out your courses for the entire time you’re there - the requirements are at the start of the course catalogue. There aren’t many spots for electives, so to speak, especially if you’re planning on doing a semester- or year-long off campus program. One helpful hint: if there is a required class you know will be very hard for you, take it the fall of your prep year (if you’re coming in as a prep). The grades are not officially recorded on your transcript. This proved to be a godsend for my son and the computer science requirement.

@momof3nyc Would you be comfortable telling us what exactly was so hard about CS? I have also heard that religion is a tricky course so you should take it fall of prep. What do you think?

@momof3nyc That’s a very helpful tip.

@ImWaisian My son is much more of a humanities person than math/science. He took three years of CS in middle school and hated every minute of it. He said the work itself wasn’t impossibly challenging, but combatting his inherent disinterest in the subject was what made CS challenging. He says he liked the instructor, and felt the assignments were fair, but it just wasn’t his thing.
Conversely, he took a religion class in the winter and absolutely loved it. He’s said he wishes he could take as much history and religion as he has to take math and science. Religion classes tend to be very discussion and writing-centric courses. If you’re not comfortable with those skills, it may be challenging.

@momof3nyc would you recommend religion so you know what to do the second term or computer science and just get it over with? I am fairly competent with math and I had fun with python but I was just wondering if it would be better to get some experience with the religion discussions and writing assignments before they’re actually graded.

@ImWaisian I would definitely recommend taking the classes fall term that are most challenging for you. CS was given as an example of what one student chose after knowing what they would most benefit from. CS was a breeze for all of my kids and they definitely would not have chosen that class to take prep fall. Our kids are math, science kids, so they all took history or religion prep fall. Of course only 2 benefitted from the pass/ fail option, as it did not exist with our older 2.
I also can tell you that my many kids hold off on taking religion classes until later in their careeer at PEA because there are many classes that are not open to preps or lowers. My suggestion is go with the subject you will find more challenging, but choose a class you are most interested in. The point of a pass/fail term is not to game your gpa- but to have the opportunity to learn how to engage at the Harkness table.

Aside from the subjects, there’s also over a hundred ECs! I’m planning to make an Esperanto society - who’s in?

I’m personally most interested in MUN and Exeter’s debate team!

Those are definitely going to be fun! I heard the debate team used to be a secret society.

@HappyCria You might be interested in the linguistics club! (As a side note there are also I think 8 languages you can take!)

Ten including the classical languages - I’m going to have a really hard time choosing. :smiley: Kinda off topic, but I’ve been shopping for flannels, since they are the most versatile collared object in the universe. Just think about it - one can wear it like a normal person, tie two into a kilt (for those who strive to be like the Red Bandits), make a hammock for a teddy bear, use them as a decorational tapestry, or even make a giant slingshot. Even more off topic, I’m dreading the upcoming dorm bathrooms. And even farther away from the topic - I supposedly have an unexpected history tournament this week, so all I can think about right now are the endeavours of Charles VII of France and the Rif War.

@HappyCria All I can think of are the EOC dates towering over little, helpless me ?

@HappyCria I highly recommend taking Russian. It’s a small group of kids that stay together over the 4 years as they only have one amazing teacher (Mama) Our daughter was lucky enough to spend time in St. Petersburg last summer and is actually going to be majoring in Russian in college as she fell in love with the language and culture.