Experience with UNCW Honors College

My son was acceptEd into UNCW’sHonors College. I would love to hear from students or parents of students in or graduated from this program. Did it meet your expectations. What it a good experience? How were the professors and your accessibility and relationship with them? Did you take honors classes all 4 years? Any insight would be appreciated.

My son was accepted as well. I’ve been watching the FB page specifically for the UNCW Honors college and also there is a webinar on youtube with a lot of info and current honor student opinions of what it means to be accepted. Also, look up UNCW admissions on youtube. There are ALOT of videos for info.
Congrats to your son and good luck.

Thank you for this information. Congratulations to your son. Does he plan on attending the honors college?

Honestly I’m not sure. He is deciding between NCSU(Engineering) and UNCW(2x2 Engineering program with State). So at the end he wants to graduate from State. He isn’t sure if he can room with other engineering students AND be in the honors program so we have an email sent to discuss. My guess is that he’s gonna have to pick one or the other but we shall see.