Extra Currricular Activities and APs

I am in short, a clueless ninth grader, with a substantial dream.

I really want to study medicine in the US, hopefully in Ivy League schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

I am a U.S. citizen currently living in India. I am a student in the CBSE board of education.

So the question: I understand that the colleges I mentioned in the above lines are some of the most prestigious in the world and have a very selective and picky admissions process. I understand that for many, Advanced Placement courses are a huge must, especially for domestic US citizens applying. I have seen cases were some students have taken and passes 10-12 APs in almost everything. Is this the same case for foreign students. Is the same required and looked for from international students as well. If so, what are the APs that are preferred. I definitely want to take Calculus and Statistics along with AP Biology. I also know that many colleges also ask for History. In History, do I go with AP US History or world History (which is better for foreign students)? In science, what else to people take that are given a higher weightage?

In terms of extra curricular activities, I am:

  1. A very passionate Model United Nations goer. I have received a small list of awards and do plan to continue this activitie in high school and hopefully later on as well.

  2. I do play the violin as recreational activity. I do not know if this counts. I am taking the ABRSM exams and will have finished with level 5 or 2 starting from level 2 in ninth grade.

  3. Table Tennis - Nothing spectacular at all. Just a side sport.

I understand that the listed activities are very sub-par and I am still trying to feel my way around. I am being considered for leadership positions in school (leader of senior debate club for 9th and 10th - tentative). I also do plan to shadow in hospitals and will try for an internship in a research firm in my city - no idea how that will go and when.

Please give me advice. Anything is appreciated. Thank you very much!