Extracurriculars competitive for Ivys/Ivy-level colleges? [CS]

Context: International student from India, mid-tier income [<70K]

Considering I have a near-perfect academic record only 1 B, 75th percentile ACT [35] and most rigorous course load possible at my school

Are my extracurriculars competitive? Not asking for chancing, just want to know if these are suitable for consideration.

NSTEM Tech, Publications and Marketing Intern 9,10,11: 20h/week
Kode with Klossy Summer Program 10: 4-5 h/week
Writing: published in a T20 literary journal, and 10 other international ones
Model UN lead mentor for 300+ students, chaired multiple conferences, all grades, 6h/week
I’m aiming for MathCamp/suMAc/other prestigious math program
Tutoring math and CS to HS students 3h/week
Paid internship with reputed company , IT-based sophomore year 8h/week
Founder of a nonprofit STEM-oriented org, 2K+ audience and 200+ operation team
8 online MOOCs in CS, math, creative writing
App on Play Store with 1K+ audience

Awards too, for reference: I’m aiming for an international olympiad recognition math/CS, prepping for a long time so hope for something at least. Global SDGs Challenge Winner , huge writing award , a few state math olympiad medals, top-ranked in several national examinations in math and science.

Also, proficient in four programming languages, active GitHub profile and contribution to open-source projects.

A little more academic context: upto multivariable calc reached [although not offered at school], 5’s on 6 AP tests

Not trying to start anything, but were any of your publications in pay-to-publish journals by chance?

I’d retake the ACT.

The journals were free to submit to, and paid me compensation, so I didn’t pay anything, rather they paid me.

My ACT is a 35, I thought that would be enough, but I could definitely retake it though.

That is high enough. I didn’t know what the score was. Was “75th percentile” a typo then? A 35 is more like 99th percentile usually.

Aha sorry, 99th percentile then.

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This all looks awesome to me.

I’d also try to do some more service type opportunities within your community in addition to these stellar academic ones.

That’s a great idea! Thank you so much.

So…when you say “Ivys/Ivy-level colleges [CS]”, which part do you really mean: the “Ivy” or the “CS”?

b/c there are a bunch of universities that are better than “Ivy/Ivy-level” colleges for CS, including Carnegie Mellon, UC-B, UIUC, UWa, GaTech, UT-A, CalTech, UMi, etc.

MIT, Stanford, Cornell and Princeton are the only “Ivy-ish” schools that would really compete with those for CS.

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I am indeed talking about the top CS schools in the US.i.e. the ones you mentioned. I’m applying to all of the schools you mentioned which provide financial aid for international students. Thank you for your opinion!

Closing thread. The OP is a freshman. While we allow users to post projected / wish they eill happen stats, they need to be clearly labeled as such. OP is leading others to believe they are actualities.