F&M ED Class of 2023 Discussion

“Only” 15 more hours of waiting

We probably need some more anxious posts at this time. Just to feel less anxious to be sure.



@Aleggo you’re still in the game!

how do you check for your admission?


@koonbae you should have gotten an email with a link, but if not it should be: https://apply.fandm.edu/apply/status

im applying ED2 and was wondering if anyone submitted anything like a portfolio or if they visited campus?

Yes, you should definitely visit the campus and set up an interview. We visited the campus 3 times, did the interview and also came for a prospective student weekend. Happy to say that my daughter was accepted ED! She is thrilled! She is an athelte that had offers from about 10 schools, including 2 Ivies, but fell in love with F&M for all the right reasons.

@midwesternmomof4 I did a skype interview but im thinking about visiting campus but im a low income student so I dont know about that yet. and how was campus? I heard there was a bad smell of cow manure but I really want to visit.

Haha, nooooo the campus is beautiful and did not smell at all. Not sure who you are talking to, lol. The minute we set foot on campus, my daughter knew it was the place she belonged.

@midwesternmomof4 that is funny. No, the school is in the good sized city/town of Lancaster - no manure smell. Outside of the city is Lancaster County which is beautiful Amish farmland. That is where the “earthy” smells are found!

Could admitted students share their stats in general? Thanks!

I second that ^^
I have submitted my RD application already